2014 Sustainability Report

NS' commitment to sustainable business practices (more)

A Message from the CEO

Today we understand that everything we do must respect the planet. We understand that everything we do is connected. And we understand that environmental sustainability is smart business.


Everything we do at Norfolk Southern is connected. The tracks we lay down are connected to the towns that surround them. Our business is connected to jobs, economies, environmental benefits, and efficient delivery of goods.

We are looking to strengthen existing connections with our communities and forge new ones. In acknowledgement of this shared future, we will do all we can to ensure that the legacy we leave - social, economic, and environmental - is positive for generations to come.

We invite you to explore this site to see where Norfolk Southern stands in our commitment to corporate responsibility. Our 2014 sustainability report reflects ongoing efforts to achieve a long-term, sustainable balance between the company’s business imperatives and our desire to mitigate the impact of railroad operations on the environment.

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Share Your Ideas

Norfolk Southern needs your ideas on how to keep things green. From the smallest tweaks in a daily task, to the biggest global thoughts, tell us how the Thoroughbred can make the right environmental footprints. Send your ideas to footprints@nscorp.com.

Create, Grow, Sustain: 2014

Watch a video of Norfolk Southern CEO Wick Moorman and read his sustainability message on page 107 of the BR report.