Economic Performance

As a 187-year-old freight transportation company, Norfolk Southern thinks long-term. As a publicly traded company, we keep a sharp eye on the bottom line while focusing on ways to grow business markets and add shareholder value. As a service company, we are committed to delivering goods in a safe, cost-efficient, eco-friendly way that meets and exceeds customer expectations.

Norfolk Southern relies on the innovation and adaptability of employees to adjust to changing business markets. The railroad invests in technologies and network infrastructure to improve operating efficiencies, reliability, and flexibility of shipping options. These investments help build a stronger U.S. transportation network, contributing to the nation’s competitive edge in a global economy.

The railroad supports healthy economies by working with customers and with local and state economic development officials to locate businesses across our network, creating jobs and tax revenues that support communities and states.

2013 economic awards and recognition

Named by American Metal Market as the steel industry’s
Logistics/Transportation Provider of the Year

Named among top-three performing railroads by grain shippers

Named a Top 25 socially responsible stock by Dividend Channel