Environmental Performance

Norfolk Southern has developed a broad strategic approach toward responsible environmental stewardship. The company in 2010 set a five-year carbon reduction target, and we have invested in technologies and operational programs across the rail network to improve locomotive fuel economy, energy efficiencies at facilities, and movement of trains to reduce the railroad’s carbon footprint.

As a responsible corporate citizen, the company strives to minimize and mitigate the environmental impacts of business operations on the communities we serve. Beyond managing operations, we work with private and public partners on reforestation and other conservation projects across our 22-state territory, from the Mississippi Delta and the mid-Atlantic to the Midwest and the Northeast.

The company’s overarching goal is to be the rail industry leader in fuel conservation, emissions reduction, efficient energy use, recycling, and environmental partnerships.

Environmental awards and recognition

  • Achieved our best carbon disclosure score
  • Sustainability award for Tennessee land reuse
  • Distinguished performance award for stormwater recycling
  • ENERGY STAR rating for one of our office buildings