GRI G4 Index

General Standard Disclosures

# location
Strategy & Analysis
1 CEO Letter.
2 CEO Letter and CSO Letter
Organizational Profile
3 Business Profile
4 Business Profile
5 Business Profile
6 Business Profile
7 Business Profile
8 Business Profile
9 Business Profile
10 NS as an employer
11 NS as an employer
16 Public-private Partnerships
Identified Material Aspects & Boundaries
17 Annual Report
18 About Our Report
23 About Our Report, Carbon
Stakeholder Engagement
24 About Our Report
Report Profile
28 About Our Report
30 About Our Report
31 About Our Report
32 About Our Report, GRI Index
34 Governance
35 Governance
36 Governance
38 Investor Relations
39 Investor Relations
40 Investor Relations
41 Governance
45 Governance, CDP
46 Governance
48 About Our Report
51 Investor Relations
52 Investor Relations
Ethics & Integrity
56 Governance
57 Governance
58 Governance

Specific Standard Disclosures

# location
EC1 Economic Performance
EC7 Excelling in service
EC8 An engine of economic growth
EN1 Managing solid waste
EN2 Managing solid waste
EN3 Energy-efficiency efforts
EN6 Energy-efficiency efforts
EN10 Beyond carbon
EN12 Carbon conservation
EN13 Carbon conservation
EN15 Carbon
EN16 Carbon
EN17 Carbon
EN19 Carbon
EN21 Carbon
EN23 Managing solid waste
EN24 Community safety
EN25 Managing solid waste
EN27 Carbon conservation
EN29 Environmental management
EN31 Carbon conservation
Social: Labor Practices & Decent Work
LA1 NS as an employer
LA2 NS as an employer
LA5 All about safety
LA6 Proud record of working safely
Social: Society
SO1 Community Engagement
SO6 Governance
SO7 Governance