CSO Letter

I am pleased to introduce Norfolk Southern’s seventh annual sustainability report, which documents continuing progress toward excellence in environmental stewardship.

By objective and qualitative measures, we have made strides beyond the initial achievements of the formative years of our program, yet we are not content to rest on our early success. Rather, we are emboldened to demonstrate how our corporate commitment to sustainability is supported and leveraged by employees across our network.

In 2013, we built a foundation for deeper engagement with employees. Interacting with a digital communications strategy launched early in 2014, we made it easy for employees to tell us how they embrace sustainable lifestyles – at work and in their daily lives – and to share their improvement ideas with us. “Connections Challenge” is a platform for dialogue. It’s one way we are continuing to engage the 29,000 people whose talents make Norfolk Southern a company of infinite possibilities – whether in safety, service, or corporate responsibility.

Over the past year, we have studied how to integrate sustainability into our day-to-day operations more fully. Some initiatives, such as a comprehensive energy review of the Juniata Locomotive Shop at Altoona, Pa., are in early stages. Led by our mechanical and real estate groups, we’re looking at how we can transform an existing facility to accomplish work requirements more efficiently while lowering energy consumption and reducing operating costs. This effort, implemented through a series of capital projects, confirms the integration of environmental responsibility into the operating fabric of our company.

I invite you to read this report for other examples of how Norfolk Southern strives for continuous progress toward fulfilling our sustainability mission.

Blair Wimbush

Vice President Real Estate and
Corporate Sustainability Officer