NS as an Employer

Norfolk Southern recognizes that employees are the company’s most valuable asset. To attract and retain the best and brightest talent, we provide a positive and constructive work environment. We train employees to work safely and efficiently; offer good pay and rewarding benefits; create opportunities for career development and advancement; and provide wellness programs to encourage a healthy and fit workforce.

While we function as one company and one team, we understand that it takes a diverse workforce to generate the creativity and vitality needed to fulfill our vision to be the safest, most customer-focused, and successful transportation company in the world. Managing diversity is a continuous process of recognizing, cultivating, and deploying the different skills and perspectives of all employees to improve service and create better business outcomes. This spirit of inclusion is a key component of employee engagement and allows individuals to contribute to their fullest potential.

More Than 1,000 New Hires in 2013

As a FORTUNE 300 company, Norfolk Southern’s team is nearly 30,000 strong across 22 states and the District of Columbia. The railroad offers a range of career opportunities in the communities we serve.

In 2013, we hired more than 1,000 employees in jobs essential to operations. Among positions with the largest number of hires were: conductor trainees, management trainees, and signal trainees. The top five states for new hires were Pennsylvania, Georgia, Virginia, Indiana, and Illinois.

A majority of hires were for unionized craft positions that pay well, are relatively stable, and don’t require a college education. Overall, about 83 percent of the company’s workforce is covered by collective bargaining agreements with various labor unions. These include employees who operate trains, maintain track and communication signals, and repair and maintain locomotives and railcars.

Pay for conductor trainees starts at around $40,000, not counting benefits, and rises to between $50,000 and $75,000 annually as they become conductors and gain certification as train engineers. Other craft positions range in pay from $50,000 to $70,000 a year, not including medical and other benefits.

Workforce general information

Employee snapshot on Dec. 31, 2013

Total number of ns employees 29,034
Total number of senior management 29
Percentage of the workforce covered by a collective bargaining agreement 82.9%
Number of new hires in 2013 1,056
Total number of employees leaving employment in 2013 1,976
Breakdown of entire workforce by country:
— U.S. 29,023
— Canada 11

Training Center Offers Solid Foundation for New Employees

With employees spread across 22 states, it’s critical to provide a strong, structured, and common foundation for new hires. The company’s training center in McDonough, Ga., south of Atlanta, is unique in the rail industry, offering centralized training with hands-on railroading experience in a safe, controlled environment. Employees are exposed to the same messages, standard procedures, and core operating rules.

In 2013, the center trained 2,100 employees, 1,800 of whom were craft employees. Conductor trainees made up the largest group, but technical training programs were offered for other operations employees as well. The training classes typically run from three to eight weeks.

Part of the training focuses on helping employees understand how they fit into the bigger picture of Norfolk Southern’s business. “Not only are they performing tasks and building knowledge of operating and safety rules,” said Daniel MacKay, training center manager, “but they also are learning how and why their positions impact productivity and efficiency for Norfolk Southern.”

Opened in 1975, the state-of-the-art training facility has working car and locomotive shops, a locomotive simulator, a welding lab, a signal lab, and two miles of track. In 2013, NS updated the car shop and locomotive lab with advanced equipment and constructed a welding pavilion storage facility as dedicated space for track welding. In early 2014, the company broke ground on a 23,000-square-foot building that will provide additional classroom space.

Diversity as a Critical Business Asset; Inclusion as a Workplace Imperative

Norfolk Southern is committed to workplace diversity and strives to foster an environment of inclusion and innovation. We believe that leveraging employees’ similarities and differences adds strength to our organization: Only through inclusion can we gain the full value of a diverse workplace.

The company formed a Diversity Council in 2002 comprising a cross-section of employees who assist in developing and implementing initiatives to promote diversity, mutual respect, and professionalism. Since then, more than 100 employees have served as members, helping to lead the company toward workplace diversity and inclusion.

In recent years, senior managers have supported the formation of employee resource groups to promote the benefits of diversity and to strengthen teamwork across departments and locations. Started by employees who wanted to join together to make a difference, these groups help to keep employees active in the workplace and in the communities we serve.

Three of the primary Norfolk Southern employee resource groups are:

WiNS : Formed in 2004, WiNS is a networking group that fosters the professional development and leadership of women. It is open to all employees, and more than 1,570 employees across the company are members, including 139 who joined in 2013.

YoungNS : Formed in 2009, YoungNS is aimed at developing young and short-tenured professional employees. YoungNS seeks to strengthen the ranks of the management talent pool and improve retention through mentoring, education, professional development, and networking. This group originated at our Norfolk headquarters and now has about 231 members of all ages and years of service. YoungNS chapters later launched in Atlanta and Roanoke and have around 760 and 400 members, respectively.

VeteraNS : Formed in 2012 in Atlanta, the VeteraNS group reflects the growing number of military veterans joining the company’s workforce. The mission of this networking and support group is to educate, develop, and connect the railroad community with the military – past and present. During the 2013 holiday season, VeteraNS was involved in an effort that helped Operation Gratitude send more than 100,000 care packages to U.S. military personnel.

Learn more about our diversity efforts and employee programs here.

All employees by status

Employee status % Male total Male
Female total Female % Total
Agreement 82.9% 22,972 95.5% 1,093 4.5% 24,065
Non-agreement 17.1% 4,009 80.7% 960 19.3% 4,969
Senior management 0.001% 26 89.7% 3 10.3% 29

New hires by state of employment

State % No. of Employees
Regional 11.2% 118
AR 0.1% 1
AL 2.2% 23
DC 0.2% 2
DE 0.8% 8
FL 0.3% 3
GA 22.3% 236
IA 0.1% 1
IL 4.4% 46
IN 5.8% 61
KY 0.6% 6
MD 1.0% 11
MI 0.5% 5
MO 2.6% 27
NC 0.9% 10
NJ 1.4% 15
NY 0.9% 9
OH 4.0% 42
PA 24.9% 263
SC 2.7% 29
TN 1.5% 16
VA 10.2% 108
WV 1.5% 16
Total new hires 1056

All employees by ethnicity

Minority group % Male total Male
Female total Female % Total
White 84.34% 23159 94.58% 1327 5.42% 24486
Black or African American 13.16% 3160 82.68% 662 17.32% 3822
Asian 0.49% 108 76.06% 34 23.94% 142
Other 2.50% 554 94.86% 30 5.14% 584

All Employees by Gender*

Senior Management by Gender

Senior Management by Minority Group

NSC Board of Directors Demographics 2013

  Male Female Caucasian Black Hispanic Other minorities Total
Board of directors 11 1 10 2 0 0 12
Governance and nominating committee 4 1 4 1 0 0 5
Audit committee 5 1 4 2 0 0 6
Compensation committee 5 0 5 0 0 0 5
Executive committee 5 0 5 0 0 0 5
Finance committee 6 0 5 1 0 0 6

CEO Wick Moorman on diversity

Some people think of diversity as having to do only with race, gender, religion, and nationality. But it goes far beyond that to define the perspectives that we all bring to our jobs. At Norfolk Southern, diversity impacts not just our workforce, but also our workplace and marketplace.

Increasingly, our company performs on a world stage, and in this highly competitive environment we need to keep a broad range of opinions and outlooks if we are to deliver for our shareholders, shippers, and employees.

What I ask of everyone at Norfolk Southern in regard to diversity and inclusion is simple: As you go about your daily activities, ask yourself how you can use diversity to achieve better business outcomes. Keep inclusion in mind as you form problem-solving teams, and use it as a tool as you identify opportunities, develop objectives, and execute our business plans.

Equal Opportunity

Norfolk Southern offers employment, training, remuneration, advancement, and other privileges of employment based on qualification and performance, regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, age, status as a covered veteran, sexual orientation, the presence of a disability, genetic information, or any other legally protected status.

To learn more about careers at Norfolk Southern, including benefits offered to employees, visit our corporate website.