Getting into the SPIRIT

In addition to being easy to remember, Norfolk Southern’s SPIRIT values provide employees with a shared company culture and identity. Here is the message behind each value:


We put safety first by taking care of the people around us and following the rules.


We are performance-driven and committed to providing quality customer service. We act on facts and are accountable for results.


We do the right thing. We are open, fair, honest, and straightforward.


We believe in the importance of all of our stakeholders. We value the ideas and beliefs of our co-workers.


We constantly seek new ideas and creative solutions to business challenges.


We believe that working together always produces the best results.

The Norfolk Southern Creed

The creed reflects the company’s business principle of accountability to stakeholders.

The creed states:

WE ARE RESPONSIBLE to our stockholders, customers, employees, and the communities we serve.

FOR ALL OUR CONSTITUENCIES, we will make safety our highest priority.

FOR OUR CUSTOMERS, we will provide quality service, always trying to reduce our costs in order to offer competitive prices.

FOR OUR STOCKHOLDERS, we will strive to earn a return on their equity investment that will increase the value of their ownership. By generating a reasonable return on invested capital, we will provide the security of a financially strong company to our customers, employees, stockholders, and communities.

FOR OUR EMPLOYEES, our greatest asset, we will provide fair and dignified treatment with equal opportunity at every level. We will seek a talented, diverse work force and management with the highest standards of honesty and fairness.

FOR THE COMMUNITIES we serve, we will be good corporate citizens, seeking to enhance their quality of life through service, jobs, investment, and the energies and good will of our employees.

“Our Thoroughbred Code of Ethics is important because it sets the ethical tone of how we get our jobs done every day. It’s about integrity and respect in how we treat each other in the workplace, in how we treat our customers, and in how we treat suppliers, contractors, and competitors.”

Wayne Lockwood

director ethics compliance