Executive Messages

CEO Wick Moorman

As a leading freight carrier, our railroad must invest in the communities we serve, and we must be a responsible steward of our environment.

Adherence to those two principles has enhanced and affirmed our understanding of the connections between our long-term business success and the health of our communities, our environment, and our employees. This sixth annual sustainability report highlights those connections and our commitment to best practices of corporate environmental, economic, and social responsibility.

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CSO Blair Wimbush

The first six years of Norfolk Southern’s sustainability journey have taught us much about the connection between corporate responsibility and business success. One thing stands out for me as a cornerstone of continuous progress – employee engagement.

Employee engagement is the heart and soul driving our sustainability initiatives. The active participation of our employees is embedding sustainability into our operational fabric. I see and hear signs that employees are thinking about how natural occurrences affect business operations. For example, one employee engaged me in discussion about the implication of rising sea levels on rail facilities...

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