CEO Wick Moorman

Five years ago, we launched our formal sustainability program at Norfolk Southern with the goal of achieving industry leadership in fuel conservation, emissions reduction, efficient energy use, recycling, use of renewable materials, and environmental partnerships.

This fifth edition of our corporate sustainability report documents satisfying progress toward achievement of our mission. While a five-year anniversary represents a snapshot of our continuous journey, I am pleased with the progress we have made and the plans we have for strengthening connections with our people, communities, customers, investors, and all those who have a stake in Norfolk Southern’s success.

Over the past year, we co-sponsored the first-ever railroad industry sustainability symposium with partner General Electric, a major supplier of energy-efficient locomotives for the rail industry. The symposium brought together environmental and industry experts from around the world and was so successful we decided to host the second annual symposium at our Brosnan Forest facility this year. We always welcome the opportunity to showcase our joint efforts with conservationists to preserve one of the nation’s largest stands of longleaf pine and the area ecosystem.

Supported for the first time by third-party assurance in this report, we track significant advancement toward our five-year goal for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We value your trust in our numbers, and we strive to be as transparent as possible in our reporting. To that end, this report conforms to established sustainability reporting guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative.

In five years, we’ve made a good start. We pledge our long-term commitment to corporate responsibility in sustainability practices and to the principle that environmental stewardship is essential to Norfolk Southern’s business success.

Wick Moorman, CEO