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Norfolk Southern
WORKFORCE snapshot

At the end of 2015, nearly 84 percent of Norfolk Southern employees were covered by collective bargaining agreements, represented by a total of 13 trade unions. These unionized craft employees include locomotive engineers and conductors; locomotive machinists, pipefitters, boilermakers, and electricians; freight car repairers; track workers; dispatchers; and communications and signals electronic specialists and maintainers.

In 2015, NS reached a new five-year collective bargaining agreement with the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen that covers approximately 4,600 locomotive engineers. The agreement continues to link engineer compensation to corporate performance through 2019 and, for the first time, provides individual incentive opportunities based on personal performance. The agreement includes changes to improve engineer work scheduling, helping ensure a more stable and available workforce while providing employees with more predictable schedules.

Unionized Employees as of 12/31/15

Nonunion Employees as of 12/31/15

Senior Management as of 12/31/15

2015 New Hires

Employee Turnover

Union employees Nonunion employees Total
  2,036 575 2,611