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Engaging stakeholders

Norfolk Southern recognizes the importance of engaging stakeholders and uses their feedback to take action and improve performance. Following is a list of the company’s key stakeholders, how the company interacts with them, and topics discussed in 2015.

Stakeholder group Ways NS engages Key Topics in 2015
  • Online Employee Resource Center/Operations Web Portal
  • Daily email of NS/industry news
  • 24/7 NSTV internal television station
  • CEO town hall meetings/executive leadership visits
  • Online CEO Q&A forum
  • Daily job and safety briefings
  • Local safety and service committee meetings
  • Safety and customer service
  • Renovations at Norfolk and Atlanta corporate offices to consolidate office locations from three to two to streamline business operations and enhance workplace environments
  • Enhanced online career/learning center
  • Diversity & inclusion
  • Efforts to hire more women in management and craft positions
  • Electronic survey of NS’ top 200 to 250 customers
  • Operations Service and Support group
  • Service updates on NS’ corporate website
  • Visits/calls by marketing representatives
  • On-site safety and service visits by Transportation Department supervisors and train crews
  • Customer forum outreach by senior leadership, operating personnel, and account representatives
  • Service issues related to network congestion, particularly on NS’ Northern Region
  • Response to weather-related service issues, including severe flooding in South Carolina
  • Competitive pricing
  • Conversion of freight from highway to rail
  • Reducing transportation-related carbon emissions
  • Quarterly earnings calls and annual meeting
  • Senior leadership on-site meetings and office calls with large investors
  • Investor relations office
  • Corporate website investors’ page
  • Investor days
  • Industry conferences
  • Shareholder proposals
  • Creating long-term shareholder value
  • NS stock performance
  • Revenue and expense trends
  • Canadian Pacific Railway’s unsolicited proposal to acquire NS (dropped in 2016)
  • Training for local police, fire, and EMS on safe response to potential rail incidents
  • Outreach by government relations and public relations teams
  • Thoroughbred Speakers Bureau
  • Norfolk Southern Foundation community grants
  • Employee volunteerism, including Thoroughbred Volunteers
  • Highway-rail grade crossing safety
  • Trespasser prevention
  • Safe transport of hazardous materials, including crude oil
  • Locomotive engine-idling
  • Local traffic delays caused by trains stopped at railroad crossings
  • Closure of corporate office building in Roanoke, Va., to consolidate office locations from three to two to streamline business operations
  • Government relations teams in Washington and states where NS operates
  • Ongoing dialogue with regulators and policy-makers
  • Safe transport of hazmat
  • Implementation of positive train control
  • Balanced industry regulation
  • Public-private partnerships to reduce locomotive diesel emissions
Nongovernmental Organizations
  • Environmental partnerships, including carbon mitigation and water quality in the Chesapeake Bay watershed
  • Outreach by CSO and corporate sustainability group
  • Funding for clean coal research and development
  • Norfolk Southern Foundation grants to support education, diversity, and inclusiveness
  • Wetlands protection
  • Water quality in the Chesapeake Bay watershed
  • Carbon mitigation through NS’ Green Trees program
  • NS’ Lambert's Point Coal Terminal
  • Alternative fuel technologies
  • Active participation in the Association of American Railroads, the rail industry trade organization
  • Co-sponsor of annual Railroad Sustainability Symposium
  • Page for prospective suppliers on NS’ corporate website
  • Supplier partnerships on innovative business solutions
  • Reducing the environmental impacts of railroad operations
  • Locomotive fuel efficiency
  • Safety of railroad operations
  • Supplier sustainability practices
  • Increasing supplier diversity